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Learn what makes Rasmussen Periodontics and Implant Dentistry unique and the best choice for your oral care. Coming from a legacy of accomplished dentists, Dr. Rasmussen has the expertise to make your experience comfortable while achieving ideal outcomes.
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From a simple tooth extraction to full mouth reconstruction, we promise our patients the highest level of care. All of our procedures are performed with the utmost precision by Dr. Rasmussen. 
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Biopsies and Oral Exams

According to a study completed by the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 54,000 people that will be diagnosed with oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer in 2021. And an estimated 10,850 people will die from these cancers.
Oral (mouth) and oropharyngeal (throat) cancer most commonly occur in the tongue, tonsils, oropharynx, or gums of the mouth. However, oral and oropharyngeal cancer can begin and spread to any part of the mouth and throat.
That’s why it’s important that patients follow routine visits and maintenance as a preventative measure to recognize the signs early on. If a biopsy is required, Dr. Rasmussen will remove a piece of abnormal tissue and send it to an oral pathology lab. There, the tissue will be meticulously evaluated and properly diagnosed. 
This procedure is relatively quick depending on the location of the abnormal tissue and is performed with local anesthesia.
Once the results are received, Dr. Rasmussen will discuss the findings and diagnosis with you in person.

Know the Signs

Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancers may cause one or more of these symptoms:
• Thick, White Patches (Leukoplakia)
• Red and White Patches on Mucous Membranes (Erythroleukoplakia)
• A Sore that Won’t Heal
• Difficulty Chewing or Swallowing
• A Mass or Lump in the Lips, Mouth, Cheek, or Neck
• Loosening of the Teeth
• Numbness of the Tongue, Lip, or Mouth
• Chronic Sore Throat or Hoarseness
• Voice Changes
Did you know?
Oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers are twice as common in men than in women.

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