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Gum Grafting

Repair Your Receding Gums

When smiling in the mirror, have you ever noticed a tooth or teeth looking longer than they used to or having a yellow portion exposed? Are the teeth that look longer sensitive? You may be suffering from a degree of gum recession.
Unfortunately, gum recession means underlying bone loss. Although your lost gum tissue will not grow back on it's own it may be possible to repair with gum grafting at Rasmussen Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

How Gum Grafting Works

During a gum grafting procedure Dr. Rasmussen attaches additional tissue to the "weak" gums that have receded. During the healing process, the body integrates the grafted tissue, allowing it to function as a normal part of your mouth. After the procedure, the area of treatment will forever be stronger and more resilient. The tissue that Dr. Rasmussen grafts onto your gums may come from the roof of your mouth or another nearby location. It is also possible to use donated human tissue to eliminate a donor site from the patient's mouth.
There are a few different types of gum grafts, including:
• A free gingival graft, which uses tissue from the palate to thicken and strengthen the gums
• A subepithelial connective tissue graft, which covers exposed roots and strengthens the gums
• Acellular Dermal Matrix allograft, which uses donated human tissue to cover exposed roots and strengthen the gums

Prior to your gum grafting procedure, Dr. Rasmussen will discuss in detail the specific type of surgery he believes is best for you.

Why Does Gum Recession Occur?

Periodontal disease, otherwise know as gum disease, is one of the most common causes of gum recession. It is important to understand that gum recession is a manifestation of bone loss. The gum tissue simply follows the underlying bone as it recedes.
Of course, there are many other reasons for gum recession. A few examples include:
• Bruxism (habitual teeth grinding and clenching)
• Overagressive brushing and flossing habits
• Mechanical trauma from lip and tongue piercings
• A misaligned bite
• Genetics

In Gum Grafting
Dr. Rasmussen lectures for the largest distributer of acellular dermal matrix (ADM) and performs more minimally invasive gingival augmentation procedures with ADM than any other specialist on the west coast of Florida.

Acellular Dermal Matrix

In many cases, Dr. Rasmussen will use human donor tissue (ADM) instead of autogenous tissue from the roof of the mouth for gum grafting. Utilizing Acellular Dermal Matrix minimizes discomfort, bleeding and eliminates morbidity of a donor site, all while achieving the same outcome as autogenous tissue. It also allows a full mouth case to be completed in a single visit.
Dr. Rasmussen is trained in a minimally invasive surgical technique called the tunneling technique in which he will use ADM in combination with platelet rich plasma, harvested from the patient's blood. A typically full mouth case will take under 1.5 hours to complete and the patient can return to a normal lifestyle the very next day.
Dr. Rasmussen performs more surgeries utilizing Acellular Dermal Matrix than any other periodontist on the west coast of Florida.
Acellular Dermal Matrix procedure

Reasons for Gingival Grafting

Reduced Sensitivity

When the root of a tooth becomes exposed, it can become sensitive to hot, cold and tactile events. Exposed roots are also more prone to forming cavities, as they are "softer" and "weaker" than enamel. A gum grafting procedure can permanently cover the exposed root, reducing discomfort, minimizing the risk of cavity formation and most importantly restoring the health of the gums.

Improved Appearance

Gum recession creates longer teeth, subsequently leading to an "older" appearance. It also results in asymmetry of the gums, one of the main causes of an unesthetic smile. Gum grafting can create proper proportions and symmetry of the teeth and gums providing a beautiful, esthetic smile.

Improved Gum Health

As gum tissue is lost, the supporting bone lying beneath is also lost. In many cases, it is simply poor quality overlying tissue that is leading to damage of the bone. Gum grafting will increase the quality of gum tissue and stop the progression of both gum and bone loss.

Free Gingival Graft

There are two different types of gum tissue that surround the teeth: Mucosa and Gingiva. While mucosa is loose and fluid, the gingiva is thick and more tightly enclosed around the teeth. It’s more equipped to protect your teeth as you chew and against food debris and bacterial inflammation. As gum recession occurs, you begin to lose your ability to protect against bacterial infections and trauma. The free gingival graft is a common procedure performed to increase and enhance the gingiva around your teeth.
A free gingival graft procedure is typically used to thicken and strengthen gum tissue. A layer of tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth and transferred to the area affected by gum recession. Both areas will heal without permanent damage. This procedure is a great option to thicken gum tissue and provide extra protection to the bones supporting tooth roots.

How your periodontist plays a critical role in your treatment

Healthy gum tissue is important to sustaining the bone that hold your teeth. Your periodontist should ensure there is sufficient gum tissue around your teeth before and after treatment. If you are in need of gum grafting, Dr. Rasmussen can work with your dentist to ensure a healthy successful procedure and outcome.
If you have any questions about gum grafting, please schedule an examination appointment with Dr. Rasmussen to discuss your condition and your options.

Patient Feedback

"Clean, professional, and great work. I had a gum graft done in this office and I can’t say enough about how great everyone was. The procedure was painful and costly and I’m glad I chose the right provider to take care of me. My results have been amazing. I was really anxious during my appointments but Dr. Rasmussen and his staff were always kind and patient with me. Thank you."
Sarah Halabi
"I saw Dr. Rasmussen for a periodontal abscess and gingival recession. I ultimately had gingival and bone grafts under local anesthesia. My experience exceeded expectations in every way. Dr. Rasmussen was quick and efficient while at the same time thorough, attentive, and informative. Dr. Rasmussen and the staff are very polite, professional, and competent. The facilities were clean, nicely decorated, and updated with high end equipment. I trust Dr. Russmussen and staff with my care and I highly recommend them to anyone."
Carissa Southard

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